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Full Design Package ON SALE

A GREAT Buy at $995, Even Better at $375!!

Close to 6000 Designs, and 17 Design File Alphabets. There is no comparison.
PDF Catalog included with Purchase. May be viewed and may be printed.
Sorry, Printed Catalog is NOT included and must be ordered separately.

Order Here or at or Call 1-800-445-8705 or 760-200-0508
CDs contains both Large & Small versions of our designs, the Hat sizes for our Dogs and Horses as well as our Design File Alphabets....

CDs contain your Color Sequence, giving you color order of each design. Thread Colors are Madeira Rayon numbers. Color chart for Poly is available on request.
All Designs shown are available in CND, EXP, & DST, PES and EMB!

For International Orders there is additional shipping, We will be in touch before shipping to let you know the amount.

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Full Digitizing Course on SALE!

Digitizing is the heart and soul of your business. Don't you think it is time to take Charge? Our Full Digitizing Course gives you the tools to do just that, Normally priced at $350, Now $75 OFF! Our Course highlights techniques that can be accomplished on any software, techniques that work for corporate logos as well as the pretty stuff.
Follow along on your software, pause and practice. Take it at your own pace, devote a weekend to this and you will be off and running!
We will start with the three basic stitches, the Run Stitch, the Column (or Satin Stitch), and the Fill (or Tatami Stitch). It is simple. You will see How to use them, Where to use them, Why to use them, and When. You will see how to Combine these stitches for maximum visual effect as well as efficient machine production.
A full understanding is what we offer. A full understanding is the key to Digitizing. With that understanding, you can do anything! Let us, at Balboa, help you.

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Last Chance to TRADE IN for the NEW E3 Designing Level, THEN TRADE UP to the E3 Advanced Level for less than 30% of list! AND...While you learn how to use your new software, you will be able to keep your existing software for 30 to 60 days.
E3 is not only the best software on the Market, works on everything from XP to Windows 10. No more fears of an unexpected update! Put your new software on your computer, no matter whether it is XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, and, when you are updated to Windows 10, you are Good to Go.
...For Existing Wilcom Customers Call for details on Updating or Upgrading your existing software!...760-200-0508, or email us at, we will send the price sheet!

Best of all you have Balboa's Support along with Wilcom's. We will even give you two of our videos free of charge. One is designed to guide you through every tool in the new system, with demonstrations, the other takes you through the digitizing process from the Fundamentals to the Fancies, Blending and Shading, all using the Wilcom E3 program!

Sorry, USA and Canada Only!

3 Day Class in May

THREE DAY DIGITIZING CLASS, Three Days of instruction from Balboa. Hands on using your software. Learn to be the Best from the Best!
May 9th - 11th, LaQuinta CA,(Palm Springs Area)Normally $550, Just
$500, Hurry though. Just Two Seats left!
Call 760-200-0508
15 students only...First Come First Served

Start with a reception from 5:30 to 7:30 PM on the evening of the 8th, then three full days of Classes where you will LEARN BALBOA'S SECRETS.

Get good foundation, with answers to Small Lettering, Underlay and Push Pull and how to Blend and Shade!

From FUNDAMENTALS to the most intricate parts of Embroidery, Mastering Digitizing.
Addressing the fundamentals, gaining the foundation to solve any problem, without repeated stitchouts and to digitize with confidence!

Learn about PULL COMPENSATION, our Industry’s greatest mystery, and how to digitize so that there is no distortion and no need for compensation and… no need to worry.

Learn about UNDERLAY, Digitizing's second biggest mystery. With no distortion and with appropriate underlay, you will be able to digitize designs that can go on any ANY size, with no editing.

Learn the secrets of SMALL LETTERING and easy tricks to master it, and then 3D FOAM and its alternatives. Then BLENDING and SHADING, Balboa's, contribution to the Embroidery Industry, that put Keith and Lee Caroselli in the Embroidery Hall of Fame.
Call us at 760-200-0508 to hold your seat. $550

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